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Alise Robertson

Mc Kayla did a great job getting our four year old started with the violin. She was patient and kind with a child wit ha short attention span. She kept it fun and exciting for him so he was always wanting to keep practicing and keep learning. She is wonderful!

JoseAngel Segura Rico

My time with Miss Talasek through Monica Houghton's original opera 'The Big Bonanza' and Handel's 'Messiah' was a brief yet fulfilling collegiate experience. She is an extraordinary artist who can find fine delicacy with attention to detail as well as a passionate quickness in her playing.

Michelle Woodraska

Mc Kayla Talasek -- smart, talented, focused, brave, strong, caring, and compassionate. A wonderful human being!

Emily Walsh

Sometime you just meet people who are gems. 
Mc Kayla is that. She is an incredibly talented musician who not only showcases her skills through her pieces but also showcases her heart. She is true talent in the raw and her passion is felt immensely through what she plays. Mc Kayla is also a wonderful person. She is kind, funny, intelligent, strong, and as genuine as you can get, which is rare these days. To know her is to love her, her talents, and her heart. Anybody would be lucky to know her whether it's on a personal level, as a music teacher, or in the professional field of work. Mc Kayla has it all!

Dan Schroeder

I had the pleasure of performing with Mc Kayla a number of years ago. One of the things that distinguishes her from the pack is her passion for the music and her expressive approach to everything she does. Be it a simple etude or a rigorous 20th century symphony McKayla is always in her element performing each note at its highest level. The beauty of it is that this is done with the utmost ease to her. I highly recommend that the prospective student give McKayla a serious look with regards to private study. Fun and music mastery will always be the results with McKayla.


Mc Kayla is punctual, professional, and treats each student equally while giving her full attention to each students strength! Using her spectacular teaching skills , she  heightens each  individual  students best qualities and provides a fun environment in which to learn a focused instrument at a professional level.

Francisca Smith

I had the honor of having Mc Kayla as my tutor for two years and she is still one of the best I’ve had. She is an artist in tune with her art form, a friend to confide in, and true to herself. Naturally, she is a kindhearted soul ready to join you on your journey in growing as a musician. Not only does she provide music lessons, but life lessons as well that can be carried with you in your musicianship and day to day life. There is no shame while learning with Mc Kayla, just growth."

Trevor Jensen

Part of what brings the passion out of McKayla is how she plays her instrument. The relationship she has with her viola is as mesmerizing to watch as it is to hear it. When she plays, there is so much focus on the music, and so much love for the instrument, whether that be viola of violin. A performer who can read sheet music, do so quickly, under pressure, yet still deliver exactly what the composer asks, and even more emotion than I sometimes thought the music could go, is every composer’s dream. Without McKayla being part of my score recordings, the music would not be able to reach the point where chills crawl up the back, and goosebumps become visible, and tears well up and stream down the face. Whoever she tutors, the child will be better not just BY playing the instrument, but also by instilling focus, passion, intent, and fun that will transfer into more areas of the child’s life, well-beyond music.
            If you want to hear a sample of how beautiful and amazing, she makes the music, I encourage you to listen to, “The Trevor Jensen Orchestra,” songs on YouTube. In both compositions, she helped bring my music, “Snowfall of Memories” and “Christmas in Tahoe,” to life. Mc Kayla is a musician I look forward to collaborating once more, her knowledge of the viola, music, including being a ridiculously exceptional sight reader, and her passion (seriously, just watch her when she plays her instruments, it’s someone one can never tire of) is why I strongly recommend Mc Kayla Talasek for either performing any music, or tutoring.

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