Violin, Viola, Cello, or Piano Lesson

30 Minute Lesson

Great for beginners with little to no experience or someone who would focus best in just 30 min.

Violin and Viola: Available for all levels of ability and ages 4 and up. Adults welcome, too!

Piano and Cello: Available for beginner to intermediate players, ages 4 and up. 

Lessons in person and virtually via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, or Facebook Messenger. 

Violin or Viola Lesson

45 Minute Lesson

Great for intermediate or advanced players, but not limited to, who would like more time with the teacher to accomplish more each week. Also, a perfect happy medium class: not too long, not too short.

Available for all levels of violin and viola players. 

Lessons in person and virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger. 

Violin or Viola Lesson

60 Minute Lesson

Great for advanced players who would like the most time with the teacher to accomplish and get through longer repertoire. Not limited to advanced players, but only suggested if the student can focus for 60 minutes at a time. Available for all levels of violin and viola players. 

Lessons in person and virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or Facebook Messenger. 


Mc Kayla Talasek's Studio Policy

Violin, Viola, Cello, and, Piano

My Responsibilities

I will teach your child all the techniques required to play the instrument of their choice. We will have fun, engaging lessons where we focus on music theory, reading music, learning the proper technique and form while performing, and grow our musical knowledge in the process. I am here to cater to each student differently based on his or her own learning strengths and will structure each lesson around every student, individually.

Student Responsibilities

Each student will need to come prepared to each lesson, having worked on the material discussed in the last lesson. During the week, I encourage each student to perform the pieces he or she is working on for their parents, relatives, or friends as a way to get used to performing in front of people.


Lessons will be either thirty minutes, forty-five minutes or one hour in length. 

All parents/guardians are welcome at any time to observe.

Semester Rules

Each semester, the student should attend all lessons. If student misses lessons, the payment is still owed. 

  • Winter Semester: 

    • Jan 1 - May 31

    • 21 lessons in the semester

  • If students make it to all lessons, I will offer one free lesson as a bonus. 

  • Each student is given one free sick day that I will make up. 

  • If a student misses more than one lesson, I will not make up those lessons and payment will be needed even without the lesson. 

  • Summer Semester: 

    • June 1 to August 31

    • 14 weeks in the semester

  • Summer package deals:

    • 14 lesson pack

    • 10 lesson pack

    •  6 lesson pack

Students are allowed one free vacation week during the summer semester. No make up lesson required. 

  • Fall Semester: 

    • September 1 to December 31

    • 19 lessons in the semester 

  • Same rules apply to both the winter and fall semesters. 


Home Studio

30$ per 30 min 

45$ per 45 min 

60$ per 60 min

Mozingo Studio:  O’fallon

1 student:

37.50$ per 30 min 

$47.50 per 45 min

$ 57.50 per 60 min

2 students from household:

$55 per 60 min

If you are interested in taking lessons via Suzuki Harmony or the Community Music School, Webster University, or Joyner School of Music, please see the websites for both:

Suzuki Harmony

Community Music School

Joyner School of Music, virtual lessons


I accept payment in the form of cash, check, or venmo. Please make checks payable to McKayla Talasek. Lessons will be billed at the first lesson of each month for the number of lessons during that month. I.e. If you are taking a 30 min lesson in my studio, and there are 4 dates in that month for your lesson time and day, you would pay 120$. 


Lessons canceled with 24 hours advance notice will be rescheduled if the schedule permits. Students are responsible to pay for lessons canceled without 24 hours notice. No refund will be given for no-shows or tardiness. If you think you will be delayed, please call or text me letting me know if you are coming or will be available at the home lesson.


Student will need the stringed instrument of choice (violin, viola, cello), a bow, case, and rosin. Shoulder rest is optional for violin and viola. If student is learning piano, a piano or weighted keyboard must be available at students house.

Books that I prefer to teach from are:

Violin, Viola, Cello:

Essential Elements - Beginners who have had no experience with any musical instrument before, including no prior experience reading music.

Suzuki Book – Great for beginners who have had some prior experience reading music and includes standard classical repertoire to learn.

Kreutzer Etude Book – Great for learning technique that will apply to your music pieces as each student develops more skills throughout the years.

Wolfhart – Great etude book for shifting and learning technique.

There are more books to explore, but these are a few that I like to teach from, that I find benefit the students learning the best.


Faber Piano Adventure Series

Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Lesson Series

Alfred’s Basic Piano Course Theory Series

Age and Level of Student

All ages are welcome from 3 years old to adult.

For violin and viola, I can teach any student from beginner to advanced.

For cello and piano, I can teach any student from beginner to intermediate.


To properly learn an instrument, it is best to take lessons year round. Of course, taking time off for summer vacation and such is acceptable; it is highly encouraged to take lessons throughout the summer months and winter break.

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